There was a 3rd check made out to the American Diabetes Association in the amount of $200 given in our name by
Sweep Racing Tires!

Grand Total for donations from the Medina RC Raceway’s 4th Anual Diabetes Charity Race


A warm heartfelt thank you goes out to our racers, our fans and especially to our sponsors!  Without you there is no way we could have done this! 

We beat last years donation by $1218!

This years Sponsors:

Strongsville Hobby of Elyria
Sweep Racing Tires
Serpent Racing
B-Fast Performance Products
Team Associated
Summit MotorSports Park
R/C Hobby of Medina
Napa Auto Parts
HMF Engineering

All in memory of “Big” Steve Forester and Charles “Pork Chop” Garten!
May their souls rest in peace!

Tomorrow, Sept 7th 2013, will be the 4th Annual Diabetes Charity Race. We’ve done a lot of work getting ready and this promises to be one of the greatest events of the year! The track has been freshened up with some changes. Lighting has been improved. And we have a professional announcer who is donating his time to call our races!

Keep in mind that we are doing this for charity. Our goal is to raise at least $1500 to donate to the American Diabetes Association! Please come ready to buy T-Shirts, raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets. We promise, you will not be disappointed!

The American Diabetes Association is sending a representative to give us more information on what our donations are doing and we will be distributing information pamphlets.

This year we will remember those of us that have fallen to this disease and contributed so much to our sport! We are dedicating this race to “Big” Steve Forester and remembering our friend Charles “Pork Chop” Garten.

Don’t Miss it!

Exciting things are happening as this event develops.  Mark your calendars for September 7th, it’s gonna be a great time for racers, fans, friends and families!  Wjile we are having a great time, we will be helping the American Diabetes Association fight the disease that has claimed the lives of two of our friends, Steve Forester and Charles “Pork Chop” Garten.

A huge thanks goes out to Team Associated and Summit Motor Sports Park for joining our efforts with their contributions to the prize cache.  Here is a list of our sponsors as of today:

Strongsville Hobby of Elyria
Sweep Racing Tires
Serpent Racing
B-Fast Performance Products
Team Associated
Summit MotorSports Park

We have contacted other sponsors and are expecting to hear back soon.  Keep watching for the list to grow!
Download the latest Flyer here!


This year will be the 4th Annual Diabetes Charity Race.  It is tentatively scheduled for September 7th, 2013.  You can read more about it here.

As the event develops, we will post more information on this site.  We are looking for sponsors and donations.  If you our someone you know would like to donate prizes or sponsor this event, please use this form to contact us regarding sponsorship.



Steve Forester, a good friend to all of us, has passed away due to complications from diabetes, multiple strokes and a serious infection.  He will always be remembered as the man with the booming voice, running a phenomenal race day here at Medina RC Raceway.  He also spearheaded the Annual Diabetes Charity Race, which will now be include him as well as Charles Garten (Pork Chop) in memory.   I intend to keep this tradition going, spreading the word about the affects of diabetes and honoring our friends as we go.

Steve was a dear friend and will be sorely missed.  Rest in Peace Steve Forester.

- Frank McCourry

Racing this weekend will be SUNDAY at NOON

Storms rolling in tonight and tomorrow, so to have the best racing possible, racing is being moved to Sunday.

There will be no cancellations this weekend unless absolute disaster strikes, so bring your boots as the marshaling spots may still be a little wet, and bring big pins as the track may have a lot of peat moss on the race line.

We will have an air compressor plugged in by the stand to to blow off any peat that sticks to your vehicles.

We just wanted to thank all of you who helped kick off the 2013 season with such a great start! Everyone has made this years start much easier than anticipated and the Medina crew thanks each and every one of you that continues to contribute in a big way! Thank you all!

Currently we are working hard to bring you the best place to race your RC. From newcomers to seasoned drivers, we want to make this years track builds and events bigger and better than ever. With our first new track build right around the corner, starting in may! Thank you for your patience as we are currently working hard to set up this new year with every intention of making Medina R/C Raceway the place to race!

Our first race on April 6th was a fun one for sure. You can find a newly added gallery of all the race action in our “Race Photos” tab.
Thank you all for the wonderful turn out. It was a great start to the upcoming 2013 season!!

With sincerest gratitude, the new Medina Operators would like to welcome you to Medina RC Raceway, 2013!! The new era in racing at Medina will be spearheaded by, Ninja Bob, John Donahue, Gary Johnson, Floyd Winters, Jace Layne, Jason Jennings, Josh Howell. We have a ton of new and exciting changes for this season, and I will do my best to highlight them in this post, and update the first page here as the year goes on, to make it easy to find information.-SCHEDULE EVERY SATURDAY, and the second Friday of each month!!!!!! That’s right, we will not be closing for any other races, period, so you will have a dependable place to race EVERY weekend, with no trying to get you to travel far distances to find the action. No color coordinated calenders, no missing dates, no showing up to the track and nobody is there……you can depend on having fun every weekend Racing Starts the first weekend in April, if the weather cooperates, and will go till the weather dictates our end sometime in October likely. This is the Earliest, and most aggressive schedule ever, as we understand that the hobby is not cheap, so to maximize your considerable investment in your equipment and in US, that we will show that same level of investment in YOU!!!Racing on Saturday will start at 1pm, with practice starting whenever you get there in the morning.

Racing Friday will start at 6pm, and consist of 2 heats and a main.


We are ditching the IFMAR FORMAT!!!!! We are focusing on FUN for 2013, so we have came up with something new and exciting, instead of the played out method.

On Saturdays, we will be running 2 qualifying heats, and 2 motocross style mains!!!!!

That’s right, less time competing for a near meaningless start on the grid, and twice the time racing for the MONEY!! First Main will be started INVERTED on the grid, and second main will be started in qualifying order. We feel that this will really make the racing more fun and challenging, and whoever wins in the point based system will have earned their finish!!!! The points will be 1 point for first, 2 points for second, ect, with the lowest accumulation of points for both mains winning. In the event of a tie, the finishing order in the second main, is the tiebreaker.

You will also be getting more track time, without much more race day time!! Electric will get 2, 7 minute mains, and nitro and gas will get 2, 15 minute mains!!!!

Whoa!! Did I say money? That right, as our thanks to your patronage, we will be paying MEDINA BUCKS to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in all mains with 8 or more drivers, in the amount of 5,3, and 2$, to be redeemable at any time during the year, at any race.

-Entry Fees

Entry fees will be 15$ for the first class, and 5$ each additional class, while novice will remain 5$.

So, not only will you be racing at one of the most affordable tracks, you can also save more money by racing more often and finishing well, so your weekly work and investment pays off!!!


Any 1/10th, 1/8th, or 1/5th scale vehicles welcome!!!

Novice-any vehicle, 5$ flat fee to race.
2wd open SCT
4wd open SCT
1/10 open buggy
1/10 open ST
1/8 scale electric and Nitro buggy and truggy
1/5th scale open gasoline-2wd or 4wd, will separate depending on turnout.

4 or more make a class, we will run them, whatever they are, if there is enough.

Nitro and electric will be separated contingent on enough to run a class of each, and the same with separating buggy and truggies.

5th scale is gas only, no electric for safety reasons. Stock or silenced pipes are highly recommended but not required at this time. Marshalling for 5th scales will be done by 5th scale racers if we have enough for 2 or more groups, which should not be an issue, so anyone uncomfortable with the idea should not have to do it.


AMBRC/Mylaps. Loan out transponders available, but personals HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Free, everyday like always, but we are also considering the idea of timed practice on a prepped track on Fridays if there is enough interest, for only 5$.


We will be running on a freshened version of the current layout for April, with the first track build the beginning of May, with subsequent builds throughout the summer. Expect some CRAZY stuff thrown into the tracks this year, as many of us come from a motocross background!!! Multiple surfaces, ramped drop offs, nothing is out of the question for this year!!

-Trophy Races and the Diabetes Race

Are currently being planned, and will be updated here.

-Series Races

We are also planning a spring and fall points series, with special prizes, dates TBD, and will also be posted here when available.

Also in consideration is a JOINT point series to be ran with other tracks, and be ran on SUNDAYS.

Thanks for your patronage, and looking forward to an EPIC 2013!!!!!